Filatelic Fiesta


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Free Parking / Free Admission
Dealer Bourse / Buying / Selling
Youth Area / USPS Table / Sunday Auction
Raffles / Door Prizes / Snack Bar

Free Appraisals
An Expert Appraiser will be present.
Bring in your collection or accumulations and see what everything is worth.

United States Philatelic Classics Society
Regional Meeting, Saturday, November 11th.

International Philippine Philatelic Society
Regional Meeting, Saturday, November 11th.

American Association of Philatelic Exhibitors
Open Forum, Sunday, November 12th

Boy Scouts Stamp Collecting Merit Badge workshop,
Saturday, November 11th.   

   Hospitality Area for all attendees provided by the San Jose Stamp Club.

  ****   the San Jose Stamp Club on Facebook for Filatelic Fiesta updates. ****

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  1. I have a 1925 scott album filled with old stamps from 🇺🇸… One cent green ben Franklin and two cent ben Franklins.all of the george Washington collection from 1894 to 1928

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