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Andrew Mory asked 6 years ago

Hello collectors! My grandson is showing an interest in stamp collecting. How should I get him started?

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Ian Staff answered 6 years ago

That’s awesome! It’s always good to hear about young people interested in the hobby. 
Here are some ideas of what you can do to get him started:

  • What are his passions? Introduce him to topical collecting.
  • Put together (or purchase) a stamp collecting kit that includes the essentials – album, hinges/mounts, magnifier, tongs, a catalog (like Mystic’s, which is complimentary and has color images), and of course, stamps.
  • Take him to a local show or club. Everyone there will be excited to see a young person in attendance, and will likely help him along. 😉

Those are just some suggestions that come to mind right now – hopefully they are useful. Good luck!

Tasos Kalfas answered 6 years ago

My interest came from visiting Post Offices. Some Postmasters will offer a tour if asked in advance.

Stephen Marchant answered 6 years ago

What country are you from Andrew? If you live in the UK you could always take your Grandson along to your local W H Smith store; they still sell packets of thematic stamps nicely presented in packets to view in-store. They also have a good selection of affordable albums, stock cards, stamp hinges etc well suited to a beginner!
Another option is to view one of the many websites on-line. There are many collectors out there who have created their own website to show off collections and to share references and information. Youtube has some useful videos uploaded by keen collectors.
Also, you can always pick-up some catalogs from ebay or your local flea market etc. They don’t have to be the current editions, but it helps if there are lots of color photos of the stamps. Catalogs can help entice new collectors by their listings which show ££ $$ …….market values (although any experienced collector will tell you that these stated values are often inaccurate!)