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This is Christopher. my wife, Stephannie and I are from Dallas,Tx., U.S.A. I am here to learn about stamp collecting, display my collection and connect with potential buyers. I collect all stamps, from the U.S. and worldwide. I have a rather large collection of old to modern and rare or scarce stamps. Many are in mint condition and also used, but all are in excellent shape. The larger portions of the collection represent the United States- old to modern, rare, Germany- mostly rare, all old, Canada plate blocks- mint, Australia- blocks, strips, books, singles, mint, UK, Russia,etc.. old, modern, rare. Space exploration, Presidents, Famous people, Wildlife, all forms of transportation, Olympics, Air Mails,International Flags and so on. The higher value stamps are old Washingtons, Franklins, Lincolns, Air Mails of the U.S. Deutshe Riech Germany, Bundesposts, Hamburgs, old and rare. Too much to list here, Will post links to pics soom as I am new to site. Thank you, God bless...

All and any I can aquire. Rare and old stamps of the United States and International.Historical markers, topics, places, people. I also collect coins of the U.S. and worldwide



United States

High School Grad

Pro furniture mover, packer, relocation specialist, Antique, Vintage collector/sales.

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Christopher Pendell